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Our Purpose

At a time where University fees began to increase, many individuals found it hard to find work and many were being made redundant following the economic collapse of 2008, the AMA team took it upon themselves to try and assist members of the public through a period of uncertainty and turmoil. Initially created to act as a source of guidance for three main sectors: Jobs, Entrepreneurship and Education, the AMA Careers Fair has grown in the last few years to support people at all stages of their potential careers.

Mr Rafiq Ahmed Hayat
Mr Rafiq Ahmed Hayat National President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim UK

Today, The Annual AMA Careers Fair looks to bring forward talent from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds to provide them with the opportunity to enhance their goals and careers through unique insight and networking opportunities. Running in its 6th year, the event regularly accommodates up to 2,000 visitors per year looking to find a way to their desired career. With over 50 exhibitors attending the last event, AMA looks to attract the best and the brightest talent to provide information and awareness about their respective job opportunities and will look to expand and grow in the future.


AMA Careers Fair Inaugurated in 2011, the event originally hosted a small number of companies, government institutions, education representatives and specialist career stalls. The event held a total of 11 seminars during the day on various topics and a special “Business Forum” to help the budding entrepreneurs amongst the public gain valuable advice and experience in a nurturing environment. Hosted in the exhibition hall of the largest mosque in Western Europe, the event slowly grew in size as the years passed including a number of repeat exhibitors and visitors.